OUR VISION: To see the Methodist Movement alive, vibrant, growing and yearning to spread the good news of Christ Jesus throughout the whole world through word, deed and sign!

World Director of World Methodist Evangelism
Dr. H. Eddie Fox

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H. Eddie Fox, World Director of World Methodist Evangelism declares:
God has raised up the Methodist movement, 80 million people in 155 countries around the world, not for its own sake, but for the world's sake!

Dr. H. Eddie Fox has served since 1989 as the World Director of World Methodist Evangelism and as the Executive Director (1992) of the World Methodist Evangelism Institute. He is responsible for leading sixteen Regional Secretaries of World Evangelism in developing indigenous evangelism on every continent.

The World Methodist Council is an association of churches belonging to the Methodist/Wesleyan tradition representing over 80 million constituents in more than 155 countries. Through the ministry of World Methodist Evangelism, the Council is challenging member congregations to faithfully spread the gospel so “THAT THE WORLD MAY KNOW JESUS  CHRIST.”

As the World Director, Dr. Fox preaches World Evangelism missions, develops holistic models of evangelism ministry of word, deed and sign, such as EvangeMed, EvangeBicy, EvangeSport, EvangeBread. He teaches, and encourages lay and clergy  to be about the ministry of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.  He envisioned and launched the Connecting Congregations concept of mission which has been accepted by mission agencies.  He created, launched, and developed the “Order of the FLAME” which has encouraged, energized 1,000 young in-ministry leaders to “do the work of an Evangelist, to carry out the ministry fully." More than 7,000 young people in their 20s have participated in the International Christian Youth Conference on Evangelism. They are trained in faith-sharing and many have accepted calls to ordained and lay ministry.

Dr. Fox has served as the World Director of World Methodist Evangelism for more than two decades. When Dr. Billy Graham learned of Dr. Fox’s appointment to the ministry of World Evangelism he wrote, “I believe God has chosen you for such an hour as this. You will be in my prayers.”

Prior to his election as World Director in January 1989, Dr. Fox served as the chief staff Executive of Evangelism for the 9.7 million-member United Methodist Church. While serving on the General Board of Discipleship, Dr. Fox created the Key Event celebration program, directed and expanded the New Life Missions and the New World Missions, and he was the visionary and planner for the highly successful national schools of evangelism, “Offering Christ Today.” He is a native of Sevier County, in the Southern Appalachian Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. He served as pastor of growing congregations for 16 years in the Holston Conference, in Virginia and Tennessee.

He is the author of several books, including Grace-Esteem, Living a New Life, Inherit the Kingdom, Getting the Story Straight (co-author), In the Meantime (co-author) Let the Redeemed of the Lord, SAY SO! (co-author).  He and George Morris have developed the widely used “Faith-Sharing” Wesleyan Systemic Resources which include the Faith-Sharing textbook, training guides,  audio visuals and video and The Faith-Sharing New Testament With Psalms. The Faith Sharing New Testament has been published in 39 languages, and sold over 800,000 copies in North America. In 2013 he delivered the Denman Lectures on Evangelism. Dr. Fox has preached and lectured in 90 countries in national and international conferences and convocations of evangelism and youth. 

Dr. Fox is a former faculty member of the Billy Graham Schools of Evangelism which have enabled, equipped and encouraged thousands of pastors from more than a hundred denominations to be about the task of evangelization.  He has been noted in the National best selling secular book, Selling the Dream by Guy Kawasaki, "bar none, the best speaker and speech instructor that I've ever seen." 

A graduate of Hiwassee Junior College (Associate Arts) and Tennessee Wesleyan (B.A.), and lettered in baseball for four years.  He completed the theological degree (B.D.) at Emory University/Candler School of Theology with honors. At Emory University, Candler School of Theology he received, the William R. Cannon Dean's Award for achieving the highest academic average of his class. He is a member of Theta Phi.  In addition, he earned the Doctorate from Vanderbilt Divinity School, received the Doctor of Divinity degree from Tennessee Wesleyan, and the Doctor of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary.  In 1994 he was recognized for his creative and committed ministry of World evangelization by receiving the Distinguished Evangelist Award from the Foundation for Evangelism of the United Methodist Church.  In January 1996 he was presented the Phillip Award by the National Association of United Methodist Evangelists and in 2000 received the World Methodist Council’s prestigious “Seat of Honor.”  He has served as a delegate from Holston Conference for five General Conferences of The United Methodist Church.
He and his wife, Mary Nell are the parents of a daughter Gaye Nell Heck and twin sons Timothy and Thomas.  They are the very proud grandparents of six grandchildren, Arden, Grayson, William, Simon, Jasmine and Riley.

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