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World Evangelism Photos & News Stories

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Photos and Story: World Methodist Council Declares Evangelism Priority (July 2006)
Photos and Story: Cuban Pastors Spread Gospel on 400 New Bicycles (February 2002)
Photos and Story:
Plans Announced for ICYC-VII in Northern Ireland, July, 2002 (September 2001)
Photo and Story:
World Evangelism’s EvangeBicy Ministry Provides 300 Bicycles for Cuban Missionary Pastors (September 2001)
Regional Secretaries of Evangelism Plan for Worldwide Evangelism ministries under theme of "Offering Christ TODAY!" (August 2001)
Photo and Story:
Ken Anderson Named Regional Secretary for Australia (August 2001)
Photos and Story:
Methodist Movement in Cuba Experiencing Pentecost 2001 (June 2001)

Photo and Story: Wesley speaking to Members of the Order of the FLAME (February 2001)
Photo and Story: Dedication of Baltic Mission Center in Tallinn, Estonia (September, 2000)
Photos and Story: World Methodist Evangelism Leaders Celebrate New Millennium and Then Cross International Dateline to Celebrate New Millennium Again 24 Hours Later (January 2000)