OUR VISION: To see the Methodist Movement alive, vibrant, growing and yearning to spread the good news of Christ Jesus throughout the whole world through word, deed and sign!

An exciting new ministry that combines evangelistic outreach and literacy training.

The International Christian Youth Conference on Evangelism is a key component of World Methodist Evangelism’s goal of multiplying the witnesses for Christ around the world.  More than 6,500 young people, ages 17-30, from 65 countries have participated in the nine life-changing conferences, and many are now leaders in churches and in evangelism around the world.  These conferences are as follows:  1980, Truro, England; 1983, the Bahamas; 1987, Australia; 1990, Mexico; 1994, Germany; 1998, USA; 2002, Northern Ireland; 2005, Brazil; 2010, Korea. Click here for ICYC, Miracles on the Mountain...


Multiplying the Witnesses
ICYCE Youth Events
Faith Sharing Initiative
World-wide training by World Methodist Evangelism staff and volunteers using specially produced resources to equip people to boldly share their faith.
A new ministry of evangelism and sports activities at a restored gymnasium in the "favela" of Rio.
Prayer & Fasting
Methodists around the world are encouraged to follow the same weekly fast that John Wesley followed throughout his life.

An exciting mobile ministry that combines evangelism and medical aid in the poorest areas of Brazil.
Wholistic Evangelism
EvangeBicy, EvangeMed, EvangeSport, EvangeBread, and EvangeLit reflect World Methodist Evangelism's commitment to wholistic evangelism in which the gospel is communicated through word, deed, and sign.
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More than 450 bicycles have been provided by World Evangelism to help Methodist pastors travel to more than 500 rapidly growing house churches in Cuba.
With the aid of World Evangelism the Methodist Church in Dobrich, Bulgaria provides the Gospel and a hot breakfast for 80 orphans every morning!

Connecting With Evangelists
World Methodist Evangelism is providing prayer, support and relationships to enable and encourage an increasing cadre of evangelists to offer Christ across Kenya.