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Prayer and Fasting

Since the 1991 World Methodist Conference in Singapore, Methodists around the world have been encouraged by World Methodist Evangelism to participate in the same weekly fast which John Wesley observed most of his life. Now, the Wesleyan Pattern for Prayer and Fasting is a vital part of World Methodist Evangelism. Wesleyan/Methodist people around the world are being encouraged to participate, especially during Lent and other special times.

In a world of computers, fax machines and supersonic travel, the church is tempted to overlook the simple act of praying for one another, the church and the world. The church cannot afford to neglect the power of prayer and fasting. Therefore, Methodist/Wesleyan people all over the world are invited to accept this challenge to prayer and fasting.

Click on the graphics below to get full-size printable pdf files of the Prayer and Fasting Bookmark card in either English or Spanish.
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What is the "Wesleyan Pattern for Prayer and Fasting?
Each Thursday evening, after the evening meal, until mid-afternoon on each Friday, Methodist people are invited to follow Wesley's example of fasting and prayer. During this time he did not take solid food but fasted and focused much of his time in prayer.

What is a fast?
Normally persons do not use solid food, but continue with liquids during such a short but regular fast.

What is the connection between prayer and fasting?
Fasting is not a diet; it is a discipline that enables one to focus his or her prayers.

When does this prayer and fasting take place?
It is hope that many will regularly follow the pattern, but it is urged for the people to particularly follow the pattern of prayer and fasting each week between Lent and/or Easter and Pentecost.

Who is invited to participate in the "Wesleyan Pattern of Prayer and Fasting?"
John Wesley expected the "preachers" to participate, and he wanted all of the Methodist leaders and people to follow this discipline.

Why this pattern?
Methodist people are invited to discover the power in this regular pattern and discipline that John Wesley followed for a h
alf a century. For Wesley, the more important reason for fasting was that fasting is a help to prayer.

What are the Prayer and Fasting Bookmarks?
The Prayer and Fasting Bookmarks are durable printed cards in either English or Spanish that are to be distributed to church members as reminders of the fast. They contain information about the Wesleyan Pattern of Prayer and Fasting and a Thursday evening prayer, a Friday morning prayer, a mealtime prayer, and a breaking-the-fast prayer.

Where can I get Prayer and Fasting Bookmarks?
Order Prayer and Fasting Bookmarks in English or Spanish by clicking here. They are free of charge in reasonable quantities. You will be charged a small fee for shipping and handling. Or you may download printable pdf formats in either English or Spanish from this website and print your own bookmarks.

Printable Prayer and Fasting Bookmark
Today, the invitation from World Methodism to all Christians is to focus our prayers and keep a regular fast for the church and for the world. The printable Prayer and Fasting Bookmark in both English and Spanish at upper right has been translated and published by the thousands in many languages around the world as an aid to the Wesley Fast. You are invited to "download" this and reproduce it for you in your personal life, your family, your congregation or in any way that it would be beneficial to your own Christian spiritual discipline.

The printable files of the Prayer and Fasting Bookmark in both English and Spanish are in Portable Digital Format (pdf). If you already have the Adobe Acrobat Reader in your browser or on your computer, it will open up when you click on the graphic at right. If you do not have it, you can download the program by going to http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep.html

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