OUR VISION: To see the Methodist Movement alive, vibrant, growing and yearning to spread the good news of Christ Jesus throughout the whole world through word, deed and sign!

Invitational Preaching/Witnessing


World Methodist Evangelism is certain about this powerful conviction: The time is right for the church to put primary emphasis upon verbal witnessing to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In the Invitational Preaching/Witnessing Seminars of World Methodist Evangelism, World Director H. Eddie Fox focuses on this conviction.
Dr. H. Eddie Fox
World Director
World Methodist Evangelism

Dr. Maxie Dunnam, Former Chair of World Methodist Evangelism, states that "Fox and Morris are uniquely qualified to speak with preachers and lay witnesses about the proclamation of the gospel. It is difficult to find a place in the Wesleyan world where their voices have not been heard." Based on their major work, Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So!, now published in ten languages around the world, the Invitational Preaching/Witnessing Seminars are designed to increase competence and confidence in verbal communication of the Gospel. The Seminars enable preachers and witnesses to become more effective in verbally bearing witness to Christ through these vital themes:

Participants in the Seminars speak of gaining confidence and focus in preaching and learning to offer an invitation to respond to the gospel with clarity and integrity. Preachers, young and old, speak about new energy and a new dynamic in their preaching ministry. Invitational Preaching Seminars are offered by the leaders in World Methodist Evangelism for Conference, District, Area Pastors Schools and Conferences. To request one of these seminars for your area, E-MAIL US TODAY.

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