The World Methodist Council links together the 80 million family of Methodist and related United Churches in the "Wesleyan tradition" in 155 countries.

Formed in 1881, the World Methodist Council is one of the earliest organized Christian World Communions. The World Methodist Family traces its roots from the Wesleys, John, Charles, and Susanna in the 18th century in England.






John Wesley described an important understanding for the Methodist People:

In essentials - Fidelity
In non-essentials - Liberty
In all things - Charity

Churches in the Methodist family stand within the continuity of the one universal Church, confessing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, worshipping the one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, preaching the one gospel, and accepting the authority of the holy scriptures, and the creeds of the early Church.

The World Methodist Council seeks to deepen the fellowship of the Methodist/Wesleyan family to give unity in their witness in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ through world evangelism.

The World Methodist/Wesleyan family shares in fulfilling Jesus' great commission to "Go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation" (Mark 16.15) and his great commandment to love and serve all people. (John 15.12)


World Methodist Council

Bishop Sarah Davis
Vice President

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Bishop Paulo Lockmann

Bishop Ivan Abrahams
General Secretary

OUR VISION: To see the Methodist Movement alive, vibrant, growing and yearning to spread the good news of Christ Jesus throughout the whole world through word, deed and sign!
Light a Candle--That the World May Know Jesus Christ!