OUR VISION: To see the Methodist Movement alive, vibrant, growing and yearning to spread the good news of Christ Jesus throughout the whole world through word, deed and sign!



Miracles took place on the mountain as 450 young people from 43 countries celebrated Christ Jesus, God's Yes to the World. (2 Corinthians 1:20) for ICYC 9, July 14-21 sponsored by World Methodist Evangelism and hosted by Kwang Lim Methodist Church and the Methodists in Korea.

O that you could have heard them singing jn the beautiful mountains, named Mt. Resurrection, the theme song written for the conference:

“Everybody say Yes!
Everybody say Yes!
Every promise of God,
Every shouted ‘Amen!’
Is the promise of life,
So let’s sing it again:
Everybody say yes!
Everybody say yes!
Jesus Christ is alive
And He’s ready for you,
With the love God’s yes
There’s nothing we can’t do!
Everybody say yes!”

The song, “Everybody Say Yes!”, was written for the Conference by  Dirk Damonte, from the USA who directed an International band (composed of delegates from the conference) including Korea, USA, Slovakia, Cuba, Africa, England, Estonia.  It was sung for the first time by the ICYC delegates at Vision Land.  Praise in many languages was centered in “Christ Jesus: God’s Yes to the World.”

It was an incredible experience of faith, hope, love and celebration as persons worshipped, prayed, studied, played, and shared deep fellowship in a world community in the unity of Christ Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit.  It was one of the most powerful world conferences that I have ever personally experienced. 

During the week the delegates shared in Morning Events led by the different continents of the world with testimony from youth, prayers in many languages and centered in Bible study with drama and led by young leaders.  Each delegate participated in Seminars including, Christian Faith-Sharing, Christian Mission, Christian Spirituality and Christian World View and shared in a small group composed of the international community.  On Sunday all the conference worshipped together with thousands of persons at Kwang Lim Methodist Church and visited Seoul.

The Methodist people in Korea prepared for the conference with weeks of prayer.  The conference site of Vision Land was bathed in prayer and beautifully prepared by Kwang Lim Methodist Church with flags and banners. They offered the greatest hospitality, climaxed with a magnificent Korean banquet and cultural evening.  Bishop Sundo Kim, Pastor Emeritus of Kwang Lim Methodist Church our Regional  Secretary of World Methodist Evangelism said “I am very happy that young persons from around the world have had a wonderful time in the name of Jesus and in fellowship with our people and one another at Kwang Lim Vision Land.”

Persons responded to the testimonies and challenges to commitment by leaders from every continent to serve and share the good news of Christ Jesus around the world.
Responses from the delegates included the following:

·        From Estonia: I go back to my home with a stronger faith, with renewed heart, and greater understanding of what God expects from me.  I go back home with knowing I have brothers and sisters. I have friends on every continent of this world.
·        From Cuba: I have never been to Korea before.  God has blessed me so much this week.  I have opportunity to meet so many beautiful and anointed people.  The time of praise and sharing faith have no price for me.   You have blessed us with joy and happiness.
·        From Slovakia: It was great to see young people who trust Christ and worship Him from around the world with pure hearts. We are going home with a new decision to spread the gospel—to spread Jesus Christ in our families, work place and whole nation.
·        From Nigeria: I have been richly blessed and I will spread the “God’s Yes” to my fellow Nigerians.
·        From Mexico: This was a magnificent experience that mark my life.
·        From Pakistan: I am grateful to God for this opportunity to attend ICYC 2010.
·        From USA:  This was a wonderful experience.  I am majoring in the University in Broadcast Journalism.  I have been dreaming of broadcasting the news and now I know that I am committed to sharing the ‘good news.’

·        Fabiola Grandon, World Methodist Youth Leader from Chile, declared, “This is best ever.” Delegates testified of the presence of the Holy Spirit and of life-changing commitments to Christ, and commitment to ministry and service in the name of Christ in the world.