Who We Are

We believe that our world, filled as it is with sin, brokenness and enmity, needs the salvation, wholeness, and healing available in Jesus Christ. We believe the world needs to see in the here and now, what God’s salvation looks like; needs to see in the here and now, what the Lordship of Jesus Christ will look like in the future; needs to see in the here and now, an embodiment of God’s intention for all creation.

We believe that first and foremost, we are followers of Jesus Christ, a commitment that transcends all of our traditions. Yet, as the Wesleyan Methodist family, we follow Jesus in the company of the Wesleys, and in doing so, through the power of the Holy Spirit, we become more than the sum of our parts.

Our Story

World Methodist Evangelism is a connection point for Christians within the global Methodist Wesleyan family who are dedicated to becoming channels of transformation through the power of God’s Holy Spirit.

sir-alan-walkerWME works under the umbrella of the World Methodist Council to bring together the over 80.5 million Christians in over 130 countries within the wide range of Methodist Wesleyan traditions. Begun in 1971, our work grew out of the belief that preaching the Gospel and making disciples of Jesus Christ is the supreme business of the Church, celebrating the wholeness of the Christian message, integrity in evangelistic practices, and reconciliation in relationships

Sir Alan Walker, a distinguished church and national leader from Sydney, Australia was the first World Director of WME from 1978-1988. Under his leadership, WME held the first International Christian Youth Conference on Evangelism in Truro, England in 1980. These conferences continue to be held, having a profound impact on Wesleyan Methodist leaders worldwide, including the current Executive Director Dr. Kimberly Reisman, who attended that inaugural event as a college student.

Dr. H. Eddie Fox followed Sir Alan Walker as World Director in 1989, serving in that position until his eddie-fox300retirement in 2014. Fox launched a variety of new initiatives and established significant ministries that have impacted Christ followers and leaders worldwide, including the Connecting Congregation ministry. Early in WME history, the Berlin Wall fell and Christians in Eastern Europe were no longer compelled to practice their faith in secret. Suddenly houses and meeting spaces were overflowing as Christ followers in the Methodist Wesleyan family began sharing their experience of faith. Recognizing the need to stand alongside brothers and sisters in Eastern Europe, Eddie enlisted generous partners to engage in the new birth of congregations in then-Czechoslovakia. Soon “Connecting Congregation” relationships sprouted in Estonia, Poland, Latvia, and Bulgaria. During the past two decades, Connecting Congregations have Kim flame orientation (1)developed on every continent.

Currently, Dr. Kimberly Reisman provides leadership for World Methodist Evangelism. Under her leadership, WME continues its work of training, encouraging, and challenging the Wesleyan Methodist family to live more fully as committed disciples of the Jesus way, to share their faith with greater love and boldness, and to impact their world with greater courage and integrity on behalf of Jesus Christ.