Andy Stoddard

Rev. Andy Stoddard is Lead Pastor at St. Matthew’s United Methodist Church in Madison, MS. He is married to Holly, and is the father of Sarah and Thomas, and the son of Connie and Maxine. He is a member of the World Methodist Evangelism Order of the Flame Class of 2015. Rev. Andy blogs at You can follow him on Twitter at @revandys .

Latest Articles

Andy Stoddard ~ To Observe a Holy Lent

We fast to clear away the noise and the pain and the hurt.  We fast to tune our hearts to his grace. We fast, even in the midst of our pain and brokenness, not to be torn down.

No, we fast to be built up.  To be reminded of what matters and where life is found. We fast so that our ears can properly hear that voice of God, calling out to us.

Andy Stoddard ~ The Limits of Leadership: Integrity and Incarnation

Through that grace, we love God fully and love our neighbor fully. That’s the purpose of all our salvation, and in the end, our ministry. 

Andy Stoddard ~ When You Don’t Have the Words

At times, we talk ourselves out of witnessing to someone or saying something to someone, because of fear within us about what we should say. 

Andy Stoddard ~ Self-Expression vs Self-Control

It’s not about you and me.  It’s about loving others more than we love ourselves.

Andy Stoddard ~ If You Can’t Say Nothin’ Good

Today, may God’s grace tame our tongues.  May we speak grace to one another.  May we speak grace to those we agree with, and to those we don’t agree with.

Andy Stoddard ~ Why Ministry?

I have something that compels me, that pushes me, that won’t let me go.

Andy Stoddard ~ Our Most Important Meeting

Because there is no more important meeting we have today than to meet God in prayer.

Andy Stoddard ~ The Value of Godly Grief

Today, or any day, when you feel convicted of sin, don’t stay there.  Don’t beat yourself up.  That’s the grief that leads to death.

Andy Stoddard ~ Leanness of the Soul

We can have all that we ever dream.  Everything. But if we are not walking faithfully with God, we will find leanness of the soul.

Andy Stoddard ~ How Can We Lead Others to Jesus?

Once we have entered into relationship with the Father, through the Son, via the Spirit, we want others to know that same life, peace, and hope that we have experienced. Once we know Jesus, we want others to know Jesus.