Carolyn Moore

Carolyn Moore is an ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church. In June of 2003, she was appointed home again to the Augusta area, where she and her family were given the joy of birthing Mosaic United Methodist Church. Mosaic focuses on reaching people in the margins. She has written the Encounter series of Seedbed study books and blogs at

Latest Articles

Carolyn Moore ~ When You See a Turtle on a Fencepost

What if this is not a stuck place but a spiritual incubator, a season of preparation much like what John the Baptist prophesied?

Carolyn Moore ~ Relapse and Recovery: How to Get Back Up When You Fall

Inside every person, there are two sides that war with each other, and sometimes the side that works against our design wins a battle and we do things we don’t mean to do.

Carolyn Moore ~ Let Your Longings Work for You

But what if our longings are not for things we can consume, but for something else entirely — something deeper, more legitimate, like Heaven, or the Kingdom to come or for deeper, more intimate communion with God?

Carolyn Moore ~ Come, Lord Jesus (Or, How to Pray for Everything)

“There is a tension in God’s economy between the one and the many — a tension God himself seems able to hold together.”

Carolyn Moore ~ Introversion in the Kingdom of God

Kingdom solitude is not inward-focused or an end in itself; it is a God-focused state that empowers introverts ultimately to be more lovingly outward-focused at the appropriate times.

Carolyn Moore ~ Suicide and the Enemy of Our Souls

Some years ago, another friend lost her sister to suicide. She wrote to ask, “Do you think it is possible that the enemy has kept me down and in such a battle for the last year or two so he could keep me from being there for my sister?”

This is how I answered that question.

Carolyn Moore ~ How to Pray When Your Prayer Life Is on the Rocks

In seasons when my faith has faltered, I can invariably point to a fumbled prayer life. Prayer empowers and gives vision; the lack of it weakens trust and causes me to wander.

Carolyn Moore ~ Why Christmas Is Worth It

To enter into the heart of Jesus is to submit to hidden, unglamorous work.

Carolyn Moore ~ Lord, Bend Us

I wonder, too. Who among us is ready to take God at his word? Who is ready to spend time in repentance, time in surrender, time in confession of faith? Who is willing to be inconvenienced for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ, to be moved to their knees? Who is ready to cry out, not just for ourselves, but for the effectiveness of the Church, for the effectiveness of the gospel flowing through us, for the gospel’s power to renew the world?

Carolyn Moore ~ Read This Because It Is Wednesday

On this Wednesday, may we be reminded that we who follow Jesus are part of something bigger than ourselves — something grandly sufficient that has come among us, that offers even to dwell within us.

The Kingdom of Heaven is big.