Carrie Carter

Carrie Carter is a pastor's wife and mom of two teenage boys. She enjoys normal things like writing, her pets, wind whistling in the pines and spending time with friends and family. She is amused by unexpected things like self-written obituaries and clothes-wearing taxidermy.

Latest Articles

Carrie Carter ~ Loneliness and Friendship in Ministry

All I have to offer is a few observations in the friend-connecting process. 

Carrie Carter ~ Old Dog, New Tricks: Neuroplasticity and the Renewing of Your Mind

With the help of God’s brilliance in forming the brain with capacities to change, the presence of the Holy Spirit, and years of reconditioning and retraining, Paul himself was transformed by the renewing of his mind and did a 180-degree turn in his way of living.

Carrie Carter ~ Find Your Wings

God so graciously closed all other doors in order to make the decision very clear.

Carrie Carter ~ Finding Holy in the Everyday

It is in this silent space that I re-realize that God is here. His holy in my every day.

Carrie Carter ~ The Enemy Who Was Not an Enemy

The man’s gaze dropped. Hesitantly, he spoke.
“We are from Iraq.”

Carrie Carter ~ Recentering

I long for the unknown to be familiar before I venture into it.

Carrie Carter ~ With

I thought God was more of a “here’s the things I want you to work on—chop, chop,” kind of God…

Carrie Carter ~ What Heritage Do You Choose to Pass On?

Am I leaving a heritage that my boys will want to pass on to my grandchildren? Am I leaving them a heritage that, in the face of evil, will give them the boldness to say, “Yes, I am a Christian”? Am I leaving them a heritage that gives them peace and security in Christ as the world around them crumbles?

Carrie Carter ~ Soul Seasons

Fall is a season of celebrating God’s bounty, and gratefulness should overflow and splash out onto everyone you come in contact with. Yet, there is an urgency to autumn. You are driven to harvest what you have planted. To reap what you have sown. To store up the results of spring’s work and summer’s care. To feast on a harvest of righteousness, if that’s indeed what you’ve planted and nurtured. Though a physical fattening up for the winter is no longer something we North Americans have a need for, it is imperative that you fatten your soul on spiritual disciplines throughout the spring and summer, but especially in the fall, if you expect to survive the soul’s winter.

Carrie Carter ~ Love in Pen and Ink

Breathe strength and life into someone this week. Even if words aren’t your “thing,” write them anyway, so that the recipient will have the option of enjoying them for days, even years to come.