Cole Bodkin

Cole is the Director of Young Adult Ministries at Collierville United Methodist Church. Any free time he gets, he loves to hangout with his wife, daughter (Corinne), family, friends, and neighbors.

Latest Articles

Cole Bodkin ~ How the Questions of Jesus Can Shape Your Year: What You Love

Peter has been around long enough to know what it means to love Jesus. It involves abiding in, remaining in his love.

Cole Bodkin ~ How the Questions of Jesus Can Shape Your Year: Who You Are

A single question has the ability to stop you dead in your tracks, pierce your heart, or propel you towards uncharted territory.

Cole Bodkin ~ The Better Place: Part III

Without a doubt, the church should be concerned about the dignity of all people, but the church should be different in that it is the place primarily where justice and dignity are displayed.

Cole Bodkin ~ A Better Place: The Embassy of the Kingdom of Heaven

God’s strategy, his task for his church is to be such a beacon of light and love that others are drawn towards it like bugs to a bright light at night.

Cole Bodkin ~ The Better Place

Could these, perhaps, be Christian visions of hope that dystopian films have picked up on, and if so, what could this mean about the good news that we are proclaiming and bearing witness to?

Cole Bodkin ~ “Go Home” Ranch

I need to “move into the neighborhood” (John 1:14, The Message) like Jesus and grow roots. I must become more specific and contextualized in my discipleship. All of this, of course, is grounded in the interdynamic relationship between humanity and land, which is quintessential to neighboring – to discipleship.

Cole Bodkin ~ Review: Silence Unbroken

In Silence, Rodrigues’ romantic vision of Christianity is one that exists as if there are no cracks. Filled by lofty propositional truths, and a God on a high and mighty throne, Rodrigues does his best to muster up strength to remain faultless. Continuing up the path of the hero, he repeatedly fails to recognize the cracks in his armor.

Cole Bodkin ~ Thy Kingdom Come

Christians may forget that Advent marks the beginning of the Christian calender year. It entails celebrating two events simultaneously: Jesus’ first coming and his second coming. The lectionary texts during Advent orient themselves more towards the latter, and it might be worthwhile to suggest that we do likewise.

It’s high time that we get back to celebrating the Christian New Year with as much anticipation as watching the ball drop at Times Square.

Cole Bodkin ~ Helicopter Pilots or Farmers?

If we are always on the go, never at home, what sort of fruit can we expect?

Cole Bodkin ~ A Life Worth Questioning

there’s a flipside to this questionable living. Questionable living can be both a centripetal and centrifugal force. Many were excited about this Great Healer, but when he began talking about eating his flesh and drinking his blood, almost everyone ditched him. Not many of his followers followed him to his crucifixion. Many will take offense at the Light. Some will gravitate towards it; others will be dispelled by it.