Edgar Bazan

Rev. Edgar Bazan grew up in Mexico and moved to Dallas in 2004 with his wife, Dr. Evelyn Garza, to serve in the United Methodist Church as a pastor. He is associate pastor of Tyler Street UMC in Dallas. Most of his ministry has been focused on new church starts in transitioning urban communities. Currently he is working towards his D Min at Asbury Theological Seminary. Edgar and Evelyn have two children, Emiliano and Santiago.

Latest Articles

Edgar Bazan ~ Transformative Mission

Jesus uses an example: those who listen to what he says are like a strong and well-built house, and those who ignore him are like a weak house poorly built on the sand. 

Edgar Bazan ~ Integrity in Christian Leadership

Hence, when we talk about Christian leaders, we are stating that they are Christians from core to crust and that their motivation to lead and serve comes from their Christian character.

Edgar Bazan ~ Letting God Continue Your Education

What will distinguish your leadership from others’ in the years ahead? Your ability to continuing developing yourself.