Elizabeth Glass Turner

Elizabeth Glass Turner is the Associate Director for Community and Creative Development at World Methodist Evangelism. She is also the editor of www.wesleyanaccent.com.

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Elizabeth Glass Turner ~ Three Essential Approaches to Suffering

Look to the example of Jesus Christ, shape your thoughts deliberately so that your feelings will follow, and trust that the Holy Spirit will give you the joy that comes from doing what you uniquely can do as you explore how to be a witness to the beauty of God’s love in a hurting world.

John Drury ~ Toward a Wesleyan Theology of Ordination

John Drury presents his paper “Toward a Wesleyan Theology of Ordination.”

Elizabeth Glass Turner ~ When the Sun Goes Out and the Rain Comes Down

“Every generous act of giving, with every perfect gift, is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.”

Elizabeth Glass Turner ~ Differently Abled in the Church: “Life Unworthy of Life” and the Kingdom of God

Jesus challenged the notion that there was something wrong with parents of a child who was different than other children, and Jesus challenged the notion that there was something to be avoided about a person who was born with a physical limitation.

Learning to Suffer with Christ

Embracing the pain of the crucifixion in order to experience the power of the resurrection involves right living, not easy living.

Elizabeth Glass Turner ~ Charlottesville: Do They Really Not See?

Faith can easily get mixed with culture, wherever and whenever Christian faith exists.

Elizabeth Glass Turner ~ The Danger of Fruitfulness

It’s not a time to micromanage, but it is a time to glance at the big picture and identify potential trouble spots and retrain the growth to expand in the direction you’re aiming for.

Elizabeth Glass Turner ~ Do You Need to Move On?

What draws you to stay laboring in one spot over and over, turning the soil over and over, but never planting and moving on?

Elizabeth Glass Turner ~Nothing Sacred: Sacrilege in the Public Square

Christians are called to witness to the Beauty of the sacred through our rituals, our service, our worship, our love.

A Person-Centered Faith

At its most basic level, Christian faith is a centered, personal, relational response involving trust and obedience.