Jennifer Moxley

Rev. Jennifer Moxley is the Associate Pastor of First United Methodist Church of Sikeston, Missouri, known as "the fun church."

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Jennifer Moxley ~ What to Do With #metoo

As the Church, it would be foolish to believe we have not participated or contributed in some way. We can confess the ways we have corporately and personally upheld this power dynamic, repent and seek to turn it upside down.

Jennifer Moxley ~ Sneak Peek: How to Preach a Funeral Homily

The Gospel is not just that Jesus died to take away our sin and make us clean-happy-pure people, but that God came to redeem us in our mess and to include us in the work God is doing to mend all of creation.

Jennifer Moxley ~ Huldah and Keepers of the Word

Because as comforting as it is to know that I stand in a long line of mothers without children, ultimately their stories of temporary infertility are not helpful. I have prayed until I looked drunk. Nothing. My husband has prayed on my behalf. Still nothing.

Jennifer Bell Moxley ~ The Salt of the Earth

In the context of National Suicide Prevention Month, consider these words on being the salt of the earth.

Jennifer Moxley ~ Yes…And: The Grace of Improv

To say yes is to listen when another person is hurting or needs to process a current life crisis.

To say and is to add a word of encouragement, consolation, or solidarity. Eventually trust is earned as each person allows themselves to be more and more vulnerable when more of their life is shared and accepted. These real and open conversations are the stuff communities are made of.