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Kelcy Steele ~ God Is Calling

Can you hear me now?

Kelcy Steele ~ How to Recognize God’s Anointing in Your Life

I am a proud Methodist and I believe in all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and I believe that we must go back to our roots of Methodism and reunite the revival movement and recapture our passion of proclaiming the gospel with an anointed zeal.

Kelcy Steele ~ A Divine Eviction Notice

Hell has dispatched some deceivers who are on the loose in your life!

Kelcy Steele ~ Stand Your Ground

The battle may involve you, but it doesn’t belong to you, because this battle belongs to the Lord.

Kelcy Steele ~ Your Future Is in Your Feet!

Don’t ask God to guide your footsteps if you’re not willing to move your feet.

Kelcy Steele ~ Keep On Playing Your Harp

When the Spirit of the Lord is upon your life you can play your harp because you have been anointed to handle hell, haters, and hypocrites.

Kelcy Steele ~ Old Ship of Zion: AME Zion General Conference Address

I’m proud to declare that the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church is my church. It’s my church of birth, it’s my church of choice, and it’s the church I love. It is known by many as “The Freedom Church,” and this I do not take lightly. Yet, while no church can ever claim to be perfect, the church must at least strive to be true. By God’s grace the “Old Ship of Zion” has traversed many dangerous and sometimes tumultuous waters since it first set sail in 1796 from the harbor of the John Street Methodist Church in New York City. We gathered and praised God for the safe arrival at the port of the 50th Session of the General Conference.

Kelcy Steele ~ Prayer, Protest & Protection: A Call Back to a Lost Art

Much of the time, officers do exactly what they are supposed to do, and for this we can be grateful.
But they are armed. And the weapons they carry can easily kill people. This means that police officers must be trained to be extraordinarily disciplined in their perceptions of situations and people, and extraordinarily restrained in their use of deadly force. Otherwise the power they have to protect the innocent becomes a power to destroy the innocent.

Kelcy Steele ~ Let Us Pray

We as a faith community must focus on how we can work to love our neighbors well, both in this and in our daily home, work, and play. This is an unspeakable tragedy and we should take extended time to mourn, to pray for the families of those murdered and injured, and to consider the depth of evil in the hearts of men that this senseless act represents.

Kelcy Steele ~ Dealing with a Dead Situation

We have a hungry prophet (Elijah) on assignment to stretch the faith of a widow woman on welfare and to add insult to injury she has just lost her son.

I stop by to tell somebody when you are dealing with a dead situation you have to expect the unexpected, process your pain, and trust the process.