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Guest Post: Rebecca Bratten Weiss ~ Women Are the True Heroes of Star Wars

Men who object to women taking central roles in the church might want to remember what place the women took in the gospels: at the foot of the cross, present with Christ, at the moment when God himself was pierced and blood and water flowed.

Our Way of Being in the World

We live in a culture marked by a dramatic lack of trust, and the Church is not exempt as a target for those feelings of suspicion. As the Body of Christ, we have some restorative work to do as we witness for the kingdom.

Asylum Seekers, Migrants, and Displaced People: Salvation Army Hosting Global Interactive Summit

Continuing 90-minute sessions are available to view live on the Facebook page today, 29 January, and tomorrow, 30 January. Topics include, “Reflecting on Experience,” “Working with Governments, Other Faith Groups, and NGOs in Refugee and Migration Situations,” “Camp and Community Based Responses,” “Church Based Responses,” and “Tackling Critical Issues.”

Georgia, England, Costa Rica: World Methodist Evangelism Gatherings

World Methodist Evangelism has been hard at work preparing to meet you on the road during 2018.

Global Methodists in a New Year

Let’s take a few moments to check in on each other as we wait for the Holy Spirit to show us the next steps to take into this new season.

What the Taj Mahal Taught Me About Love

It is not perfection that makes a love great, it is its willingness to persevere through the hardship, challenge, and pain. 

The Hinting Life

We must become walking, talking clues pointing to the transformative power of the Holy Spirit.

The Incarnation of Compassion

The numerous physical healings performed by Jesus to alleviate human suffering are only a hint of the anguish in the heart of God’s Son for wounded humanity.

If It’s Not Okay, It’s Not the End

God’s love is so great, it will conquer all the world’s horrors. God’s love is so prodigious, no evil can possibly prevail against it.

Come Darkness, Come Light

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus today, my prayer is that you might hear God’s voice calling to you through the simplicity of Carpenter’s lyrics and that you might rededicate yourself to being a means through which others hear God’s voice as well.