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Omar Rikabi ~ All Saints Means All Saints

Death is not what God intended.

Omar Rikabi ~ He Descended into Hell: Why Death Matters

If you’ve ever been caught by surprise mid-Creed by the inclusion of the mysterious affirmation, we encourage you to listen this sermon preached at FUMC Heath by Rev. Omar Rikabi.

Omar Rikabi ~ Prophets in a Season of Pundits and Politicians

God, we confess that we have left to the government the work of the church.

Omar Rikabi ~ Interview: My Muslim Problem

In the light of this interview, what is the witness of your local church?

Omar Rikabi ~ David, Goliath, & Resurrection

Take down one giant, there is another one waiting – but this is not about you…

Omar Rikabi ~ My Muslim Problem

Christmas reminds us God is redeeming all our little human stories into his great divine story through Jesus Christ. This is the good news of the Gospel. The nature of Jesus’s incarnation—God becoming human to be in relationship with each of us—puts us face to face with real people with real stories. When we choose to distort, ignore, or not enter into another’s story, we deny the incarnation and change what is happening.

Omar Rikabi ~ He Had a Name

The first name given in creation was Adam. It means humanity.

The Scripture story tells us that God, through Jesus Christ, created all of humanity in his image and breathed into us the breath of life.

I thought of Adam when I saw the first hashtag given to Aylan’s story: Humanity Washed Ashore.