Otis McMillan

Dr. Otis T. McMillan is Director of Evangelism for the A.M.E. Zion church.

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Otis T. McMillan ~ Advent Classic: Prayer, Preaching, and Possibility

Yesterday’s prayer has been heard: God simply is waiting for the right time to bless.

Otis T. McMillan ~ Work, Strength, and Faith

He is at work in you and me, gifting, equipping, empowering, and shaping us to work alongside him in accomplishing the work he is doing.

Otis T. McMillan ~ Light, Life, and Love

Are our eyes as tuned to spiritual light as they are to physical light?

Otis T. McMillan ~ Affections and Understanding in Discipleship

What changed the fears and doubts of the Lord’s disciples into joy? What caused them to worship him in the temple? After watching the crucifixion of their Lord all hope appeared lost. The disciples saw no reason to rejoice. All this changed when Jesus opened their understanding of the scriptures. Doubt was now replaced by joy.

Otis T. McMillan ~ Mercy and Righteousness

As you treat others with mercy, and seek to live a godly life, you will gain the respect of others, as well as find contentment and joy. Doing right and treating others with respect brings a sense of peace and completeness. It allows one, regardless of their current circumstances, to feel complete.

Otis T. McMillan ~ Lead Like Jesus

Are you content to have unfulfilled needs in your life? Most of us aren’t. We want enough for today, plus extra stored away for the future. Yet our longing for more than enough is often limited to what we can see and touch. Jesus told us that these things would never satisfy. He taught that only God can fulfill our most important needs, giving us a sense of security, identity, significance, and purpose.

Otis McMillan ~ Testing, Trusting, Timing

Many struggle endeavoring to conquer areas of weakness. Resolutions are made but change, if it comes, is only short lived. Their efforts are dependent on their own strength and will. Time in God’s Word is lacking. If you desire stability in the ways of the Lord the process must begin. Give time daily to read his Word, study to show yourself approved, and then meditate day and night upon what you have studied. Your strength and stability will follow.

Otis McMillan ~ Christmas Living: Prayer, Preaching, and Possibility

As important as John the Baptist was at his time, his role remains vital today. Every child of God must be adequately prepared to share the message of Jesus.

Otis McMillan ~ There Is a Place the Lord Must Bring You

The Lord took Peter, James, and John to a high mountain apart. It was essential, for their effectiveness, that He reveal facts about Him they did not yet know. It is important to note that they were separated from the others and it is not by accident that they journeyed to a high mountain apart. He had something to show them and needed their total attention.

Otis McMillan ~ When You Are Embattled

You will face situations in your life that will leave you uncertain as to what actions you should take. In some circumstances, there will be no one that can offer sound counsel. The key is to know that if you ask, God will respond. He has the right answer for every situation, do not hesitate to inquire.