Suzanne Nicholson

Dr. Suzanne Nicholson is Chair of the Department of Bible, Theology and Ministry and Professor of Biblical Studies at Malone University in northern Ohio. She is an ordained deacon in The United Methodist Church and is a John Wesley Fellow.

Latest Articles

Suzanne Nicholson ~ Leaders in the Bible (Who Happen to Be Women) Part II

We need to regularly preach these stories (and others) to remind our congregations that the most important qualification for leading God’s people is not a Y-chromosome, but a faithful heart. 

Suzanne Nicholson ~ Let’s Not Pretend Our Vision is 20/20

The problem with assuming we know the details is that often reality differs significantly. Then it becomes easy to question our calling. 

Suzanne Nicholson ~ Leaders in the Bible (Who Happened to Be Women)

The bravery, chutzpah, faithfulness, love, and kindness of these women remind us that leadership in the kingdom of God comes in many forms, if only we have eyes to see.

Suzanne Nicholson ~ The Emaciated Soldier

If the church as a whole is not working together to live out the truth of the gospel, then the warrior of God will become emaciated.