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Dr. Tammie Grimm has a PhD from the University of Manchester.

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Tammie Grimm ~ Advent Classic: Repeat the Sounding Joy

In the darkest nights of our hurts, fears, rejections, that is where Christ longs to be. That is where Christ’s light goes. 

Tammie Grimm ~ Advent Classic: Advent Adjustments

If Advent is the Christian New Year, what things am I called to do, or do I need to do differently, starting now, for Christ and for the world, that should not wait for a New Year resolution on January 1?

Tammie Grimm ~ The Celtic Cross

Always, the Celtic knots and strands twist and braid a pattern that is beautiful and elegant, at once demonstrating the complexity of God’s creativity and the simplicity or unity that marks all things as God’s creation.

Tammie Grimm ~ The Work of Our Hands: Celtic Christianity & the Way of Wesley

The Celtic tradition reflects this integration of mind, body and soul. Whether it be the kneading of bread, the weaving of cloth, the shearing of sheep or the plowing of fields, there is a mind and body synergy that allows the worker to engage the craft in such a way that their work becomes a prayer.

Tammie Grimm ~ Celtic Clues to Feeding Body and Soul

The plea and blessing she sought from God wasn’t just hers alone. Guests and visitors who arrived to a home in which the daily chores were being tended greeted their hosts with the Gaelic blessing Bail o Dhia which translates to, ‘God’s blessing on the work!’ The declaration of such a blessing expressed the implicit knowledge that the monotonous backbreaking work was not simply the laborer’s alone but a joint effort blessed by God upon which all of society depended.

Tammie Grimm ~ A Flame of Love: Celtic Christianity Within Reach

If we pay attention to the Celtic woman’s kindling prayer, we realize what she prays for is more than a comfortable home. She asks God to kindle a flame of love within her heart that will reach out beyond herself to include her neighbors. As she attends to the basic needs of her home, she is also looking beyond her family to take care of the needs of others. Her kindling prayer reflects the nature of the Triune Godhead who is whole, complete and integrated as its own self, yet bothers to invite humanity to share in the gift of divine love.

Tammie Grimm ~ The Trinity: A Woven Mystery of Beauty

Yet artwork, hymnody, liturgy and prayer are not the only ways the Trinity can be represented. To take another phrase from the Wesleys, Christian disciples are living, breathing “transcripts of the Trinity.”

Tammie Grimm ~ Celtic Christianity and the Coloring Craze

Yet, whether we like it or not, a sense of alienation begins to creep into our lives, disconnecting us from a life of intentionality, a life of integration, a life of wholeness that is a hallmark of Celtic Christianity.

Celtic Christianity, through its prayers and practices, grounds participants in the fundamentals of who we are as human beings – creatures of God, our lives connected to the earth and related to the world – even the world beyond our tangible senses.

Tammie Grimm ~ Gratitude

Give thanks with a grateful heart Give thanks to the Holy One Give thanks because he’s given Jesus Christ, his Son. It’s November and Thanksgiving is almost upon us. On Facebook, 30 Days of Thankfulness is in full swing. Each day, participants in the 30 Day Challenge use their status to record something in their […]

Tammie Grimm ~ There I Plant My Foot: Jane Eyre, Jane Austen, & John Wesley

Wesley may have been an evangelist and religious reformer, but the Christian worldview and faith of Brontë and Austen is evident in the characters they develop in the pages of their novels.