The Christian life is a communal life – we are all in this together. That’s why we share ideas: for others to build on and reimagine in their own contexts. World Methodist Evangelism is committed to serving as a networking hub for truly excellent brainstorming. To be a witness for Jesus Christ is to be a lifelong learner, and we hope that by bringing together the very best thinkers, practitioners and scholars in the global family of Wesleyan Methodists, we can connect clergy and laypeople alike with ideas that will help them to serve with a new growth of fruitfulness.

Kim Reisman

Dr. Kimberly Reisman is Executive Director of World Methodist Evangelism and blogs at

Wesleyan Accent

Wesleyan Accent provides resources to pastors, laypeople and faith-seekers by clearly articulating the Wesleyan understanding of the Christian faith. Our goal is to strengthen discipleship and empower mission and evangelism by merging our rich, collective heritage with strong voices from the Methodist Wesleyan movement today.