While surrounded by the rich history of the Wesleyan movement in Northeast England, as well as some of the most well-known Wesleyan historical sites throughout the rest of England, World Methodist Evangelism and St. John’s College, Durham University bring together leading scholars for conversations regarding some of the most important topics of Evangelism today.

In these rich surroundings, we will examine the contemporary practice of evangelism in a context where many seem distant from the church, but still wrestle with deep questions of meaning and purpose that are found in the Gospel. Scholars and ministry leaders will challenge and inspire us to find the areas of convergence around important topics like:

Durham is just minutes away from Newcastle, the center of John Wesley’s mission outreach during the Methodist Revival. Now home to St. John’s College, the Wesley Study Centre, Cranmer Hall, and Durham University, Durham has been a home for theological education for nearly 1,000 years and home to UNESCO World Heritage Site Durham Castle and Durham Cathedral. The Cathedral, built in the late 11th and early 12th centuries to house the relics of St. Cuthbert (evangelizer of Northumbria) and the Venerable Bede, will serve not only as a place of worship for us, but also a place of learning. The Cathedral and Castle attest to the importance of the early Benedictine monastic community and is the largest and finest example of Norman architecture in England.

Ample time for personal and group reflection is provide with daily prayer, community worship, and private reflection. The experience includes a group pilgrimage to Holy Island, Lindisfarne among the holiest sites of Anglo-Saxon England and the site of the monastery that St. Aidan founded in 635.

Wesley Heritage Tour

Elect to extend your time in England with a Wesleyan Heritage Tour that will include:

Epworth Rectory, St. Andrew’s Church Epworth (where Wesley preached atop his father’s grave), The New Room and Methodist Museum in Bristol, Oxford (Including Christ College, Lincoln College, Magdelan College), and London (Wesley Chapel and Leysian Mission, The Foundry, Wesley’s Home, Museum of Methodism, Aldersgate Street, Finsbury Street, Methodist Central Hall Westminster, Westminster Abbey, and time on your own in the City).

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