Deepening Discipleship

WME trains, encourages, and challenges Christ followers to live more fully as committed disciples of the Jesus way, to share their faith with greater love and boldness, and to impact their world with greater courage and integrity on behalf of Jesus Christ.

Our discipleship ministries embody a holistic understanding of Christian faith as lived out through word, deed, and sign. We attend to the needs of Christ followers, empowering them to share their faith more confidently and with greater grace in the unique context of their various relationships. We attend to the needs of congregations, providing resources to strengthen their witness in their communities.

Faith Sharing

I pray that the sharing of your faith may become effective when you perceive all the good that we may do for Christ. ~Philemon 6

A major commitment of World Methodist Evangelism is to multiply the faith-sharers of the Gospel. We work toward that goal by equipping and empowering Christ followers to share their faith in Jesus Christ with confidence and competence.

Using WME’s Embrace material in conjunction with the Faith Sharing New Testament, Christ followers are given the tools they need to share with authenticity and grace.

At the heart of our work in equipping Christ followers to share their faith is our commitment to enabling multiplication. To that end, Embrace resources are adaptable and reproducible in order that those who have received training can then train others in their own contexts.

Since 1996, WME has been training Christ followers on every continent to share their faith, and the Faith Sharing New Testament has been translated into over 50 languages. Click here to learn more about the Embrace material, or here to request Kimberly Reisman to lead an event.

The Wesleyan Pattern of Prayer and Fasting

Fasting is a significant part of the Christian experience. Jesus fasted and prayed for 40 days and taught his disciples to fast. First century churches fasted twice weekly. John Wesley encouraged those in the Methodist Movement to fast and pray.

In more than 130 countries, the Wesleyan Methodist family joins in the same weekly fast which John Wesley observed most of his life: going without solid food after their evening meal each Thursday until mid-afternoon each Friday. This time of fasting is focused in prayer on the vision that those who follow Jesus in the company of the Wesleys would be empowered to become channels of transformation through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our world desperately needs the healing, hope, and salvation offered in Jesus Christ. You can become part of this important movement by joining us as we fast and pray weekly for Holy Spirit power to share the good news so that the world may know Jesus Christ.

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Metanoia ~ ICYCE Reborn

Since 1980, World Methodist Evangelism has empowered young people to live as grace filled, faith sharing, disciples of Jesus Christ. Between 1980 and 2010, over 6,500 young people, ages 17-30 from 60 countries have been a part of our International Christian Youth Conferences on Evangelism (ICYCE). These transformative experiences have taken place in England (1980), Bahamas (1983), Australia (1987), Mexico (1990), Germany (1994), the United States (1998), Northern Ireland (2002), Brazil (2005), and Korea (2010).

Renamed Metanoia to highlight the importance of spiritual transformation, World Methodist Evangelism is continuing this vital ministry in the worldwide Methodist Wesleyan family.

John Wesley said all he needed was 100 people – lay or clergy – who love God and hate evil, and they would shake the gates of hell and usher in the Kingdom of God. Through Metanoia, WME is raising up young people who love God and hate evil. We are shaking the gates of hell as we empower these young Christ followers to deepen their faith, share it with integrity and grace, and impact their world on behalf of Jesus Christ.

Building on the foundation of ICYCE, every three years young adults from across the globe gather for faith strengthening, mission empowering, horizon expanding times of transformation. Click here for information on the next Metanoia gathering.