Forming Faith

Our God is a seeking, sending God who desires to be in a relationship of wholeness and love with all creation. This relationship begins not with shame, but with grace, when we behold the face of God in Jesus Christ. As it becomes real for us, we are transformed from the inside out – spirit, mind, and body. Our lives become reoriented and realigned around the in-breaking kingdom of God, inaugurated in Jesus of Nazareth, and the Holy Spirit begins its life long work of shaping and fashioning us into the likeness of Christ. WME seeks to attend to the needs of those outside the boundaries of the church, with the expectant hope that they might experience the power of God’s Holy Spirit to heal and make new. Everything that we do rests on this foundation – that we would become channels of God’s transformative Holy Spirit in the lives of all people.

WME offers leadership and resources for retreats, revivals, and other special events, as well as providing a network of partnering evangelists across the global Methodist Wesleyan family. Click here for more information about WME events. Click here if you are interested in having Kimberly Reisman speak at your event.

Connecting Congregations

When the body of Christ is unified in mission, our witness on behalf of Jesus Christ is strengthened. WME’s Connecting Congregations ministry provides opportunities for the global Wesleyan Methodist family to come together in shared faith and collaborative mission.

Early on in WME history, communism collapsed and Christians in Eastern Europe were no longer compelled to practice their faith in secret. Suddenly houses and other meeting spaces were overflowing as Christ followers in the Methodist Wesleyan family began sharing their experience of faith, hidden so long under the heavy cloak of communism. Eddie Fox, World Director at the time, recognized the need to stand alongside brothers and sisters in Christ in Eastern Europe. The need was clear; the way forward was less so. Yet WME moved ahead nonetheless, enlisting generous partners to engage in the “new birth” of congregations in what was then Czechoslovakia. Soon “Connecting Congregation” relationships began sprouting in Estonia, Poland, Latvia, and Bulgaria. During the past twenty-five years, Connecting Congregations have developed on every continent.

Today, through World Methodist Evangelism, congregations and other ministries throughout the world are connected in faith, hope, love, vision, prayer, and resources, with each partner in the connection sharing what each one has to give. In keeping with the unique, missional needs each context, every connection develops differently, but a basic commitment of prayer, reciprocity and the sharing of resources becomes the foundation for expanding ministry as the relationship deepens.