The people at World Methodist Evangelism glean joy from sharing the very best resources to help form leaders who celebrate the wholeness of the Christian message, integrity in evangelistic practices, and reconciliation in relationships.

Embrace: The Essence of Authentic Evangelism

Embrace: The Essence of Authentic Evangelism provides a holistic understanding of evangelism that melds personal experience and theological integrity to equip Christ followers to share their faith with confidence, competence, and grace.

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World Methodist Council Resolutions

Wesleyan Methodist Witness in Christian and Islamic Cultures ~ We live in a complex and multi-cultural world. This statement offers guidance for our witness to others on behalf of Jesus Christ.

Extremism and the Sacredness of Human Life ~ In a world filled with violence, this statement calls upon Christians of traditions to commit themselves to grace filled action.

Featured Speakers

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Dr. Kimberly Reisman


As Executive Director of World Methodist Evangelism, Dr. Kimberly Reisman focuses her work in the areas evangelism, spiritual formation, leadership development, and the intersection between faith and culture. She provides teaching, speaking, and preaching leadership in worship, workshop, seminar and conference settings.







eddie-foxDr. H. Eddie Fox

Dr. Eddie Fox is the World Director Emeritus of World Methodist Evangelism. He retired in 2014, after serving WME for 25 years and empowering the Methodist Wesleyan family for evangelism across the globe. Eddie continues his evangelism ministry by providing leadership in faith sharing training events and preaching.




Dr. Winston Worrell

Dr. Winston Worrell offers practical faith sharing training on behalf of World Methodist Evangelism. Focusing on faith sharing training and coaching in evangelism, Winston provides leadership to clergy, local churches, districts, and conferences in workshop and seminar settings.